The consortium led by Sogema Technologies has been awarded the contract for the Supply, Implementation and Maintenance of the Land Administration and Management System for the Directorate General of Taxes and Domains (DGID) of Senegal.

Funded by the Senegalese government, the project aims to modernise the collection and management of land administration information within the DGID by securing land ownership and land-related transactions to offer improved citizen services. The e-LAND solution provided by Sogema Technologies will enable the DGID to improve, automate and secure business processes for sustainable traceability. Once implemented, the solution will also feature a web portal for citizens and professionals (i.e.: notaries and surveyors), allowing them to request and follow-up land-related services through multiple platforms. Along with its Technology partners, Sogema Technologies intends to support the DGID in the execution of the government's medium and long-term development objectives.

About Sogema Technologies

Sogema Technologies develops and implements innovative solutions to drive revenue, improve citizens' service delivery and generate accountability, transparency, and integrity. Our Land Management and Management Platform aims to support the government's bodies in implementing land policy and managing information-related components of land administration including those over land, in water, below the surface, and above the ground.