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Governments around the world are challenged with offering efficient and transparent citizen services. To help overcome this challenge, Sogema Technologies developed powerful accountability-focused fiscal and compliance management solutions specifically designed for the public sector, so that our government partners successfully execute their revenue generating strategies, build a solid and scalable foundation for sustainable economic growth and elevate their country’s infrastructure.

Public Finance Management

Today’s technologies are reshaping the economy by creating new products, services and business models. But they are also challenging the way tax administrations operate by providing new opportunities to collect taxes, support taxpayers and encourage compliance.

Thus, our Revenue solutions focus on :

Automating Core Tax Processes including Taxpayer Registration, Returns and Payment processing and Revenue Accounting

Improving Taxpayer Services by providing self-service tools to allow taxpayers to file a return, make a payment as well as request multiple services online or via mobile device.

Fostering Compliance by supporting Audit and Enforcement activities and improving taxpayer’s access to relevant information. Those modules and services are delivered through the implementation of our cutting edge Tax Administration solutions SIGTAS and ETAX.

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Public Sector Analytics

Revenue Administrations of all sizes and shapes can benefit from extracting insight and value from their data to optimise debt-management processes, secure filing and payment compliance, improve taxpayer service, and understand the impact of policy changes.

Our main objective is to win back time spent in the gathering and restoration of information and use it to focus on understanding the source of business problems and how best to solve them. We do this through our Business Analytics solutions:

Our Business Analytics solution include :

Business Intelligence Professional Services to help Revenue Administrations evaluate and adapt the industry best practices to the specific political/legal reality of their respective institutions.

A unique Tax-oriented Data Warehouse to consolidate and store all tax-related data from different sources (Banks, Customs, etc...) into a single repository and enabling Business Analysis.

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Public Sector Audit

Effective & Efficient public sector auditing

The Audit solution, Audit360 is a customizable audit management tool which enhances risk assessment, audit planning and audit recommendation follow-up for Supreme Audit Institutions and Internal Audit Departments.

Audit360 is deployed in a number of countries worldwide and has received acclamation from the World Bank for its appropriate application and functionality for public bodies. Audit360 is CowaterSogema’s proprietary software.

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Utility Services

Urban Utilities face unique challenges in maintaining sustainable operating models to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. As such, operators are required to balance heightened regulatory requirements, while also investing in information systems to support those objectives.

Building on a partnership with Cowater Sogema, we have developed a comprehensive Utilities support system, UCIS (Utilities Customer Information System) UCIS is a customer information system tailored to support utilities in their various operations and their quest for continuous excellence of service. Its integrated modules encompass the administration of the billing, payments as well as the smart tracking of complaints and issues raised by the customer.

UCIS' configurability allows it to be implemented in various utilities whether they provide water, electricity or other services. It can be integrated to smart metering solutions allowing utilities to automate the consumption calculation process

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Land management

Most development strategies including poverty eradication, gender equality, adequate housing, sustainable agriculture or food security substantially relate to access to land, and to land-related opportunities.

Our Land Management & Management Platform aims to support governments bodies in implementing land policy and managing information-related components of land administration including those over land, in water,below the surface, and above the ground.

More specifically, LAMP helps you deal with rights, responsibilities and restrictions affecting land (or water), and the geometrical (geospatial) components thereof. A unique tool for Cadastral Administration and Land Title Publication offices, LAMP manages title and deed registration processes, enables collection of taxes, rent and other land-related revenue, integrates with external registries or cadastral systems and consolidates data from land title publication offices into one national database. Once consolidated, the captured data is available to multiple stakeholders or third-parties at the touch of a button.

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